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Upgrade date changed!



For ages the site informed me that I could upgrade from 21st Jan, i've not logged on for a week or two and now I come to upgrade the date has changed to 10th March!


Can anyone explain to me why?


I was already considering moving to another providor considering the woeful data allowance on Voda so this is sealing the deal



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My upgrade date has changed now online for a fourth time,...

My upgrade date has changed now online for a fourth time, What in gods name is happening - April, June, July and now September.

It's really causing me grief, What are Vodafone playing at. Given the chance I will cancel my contract with vodafone, despite only ever being with Vodafone, Unless this ridiculous problem can be resolved!!!!!!!!

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Re: Upgrade date constantly changing

I would  just go into the store and ask because the vodafone customer services on the phone are terrible and don't actually have a clue what they are on about. I am having the same problem and its a joke, I should have been informed that the upgrade date has changed. 

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Of course vodafone didnt answer my previous message on here. I was told I could upgrade at the end of feb (NOT AN EARLY UPGRADE THAT WAS IN NOVEMBER) and now I cannot update until april. If your saying it has to be 50 days before the end of the contract then why have none of my other number upgrade dates changed? or when are you going to decided to change your policy again withou informing your customers, its disgraceful and will damage your reputation, your prices are already much higher then the majority of companies and I could probably find a beter deal on 02

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Re: Upgrade Date Changed Again - Complete Fiasco

Still no contact - looks as if I'll be taking up an O2 offer of £125 cashback. Adios.

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Re: Upgrade date changed twice now!!

Mines changed as well was due for an upgrade on march 6th now it's saying April 15th, my contract ends on 5th June and I always thought you could upgrade three months early...any ideas why it's been changed and if the rules have changed on upgrading early shouldn't that only apply for people who take out a new contract not one that signed a contract two years!!
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Re: Upgrade date changed twice now!!



Its alright guys, vodafone still think highly of their customers:



We have taken the decision to reduce the period within which a customer can upgrade, to within 50 days of the end of their contract. We still offer one of the most competitive free early upgrade options available for customers.





Hey, you seen the deals you can get at o2? They've even got BETTER early upgrade options than Vodafone has. And before anyone makes the comment, I have nothing to do with o2, i'm just a fed up Vodafone customer like the rest of you!


Its got so bad that even my work has switched from Vodafone!!!!!

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Re: Upgrade?!

My post has also been ignored, I am a long time loyal customer (my employer of the past 5 years has a deal with a big network where I can get 40% off my line rental) I have for the past 5 years not bothered with this as I am a LOYAL customer and have until recently been happy with vodafone. Although early upgrades does not form part of the contract it was a service that you were offering and using as a sales tool therefore do you not think its at the very least polite to inform customers that service is being withdrawn!? I'm now on my 3 different upgrade date 1st Dec, 10th March and now 19th April and I don't doubt that this will change again. After being on this forum and seeing the problems people are having with vf (not just to do with early upgrades) customer service is non exsistent, competence seems to be rare, the website is constantly having problems need I go on. I'm sorry to see what was a great network to be with go down the pan like this!
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Upgrade early?

Hey there, 


I've currently got an 18 month contract with a HTC 7 Trophy, however I REALLY REALLY do not like this phone anymore, and would love to upgrade. 


According to my web account, the earliest I can do this is the 27th of December which is just horribly far away! 


I really like the Vodafone network and don't want to leave, but I also really want a new phone! Is there any help available to perhaps upgrade this phone early that doesn't involve either buying out my contract or buying a new phone? 


Any help would be appreciated, thanks! 

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Re: 90 days early upgrade changed to 50 days

I emailed vodafone about the above .. after 24 hours i got a reply..Same old same old rubbish , i've spoke to orange and o2 both said they would pay up my contract at 90 days....sorry vodafone 50 days aint good enough
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Re: 90 days early upgrade changed to 50 days

Logged on again today and suprise my date for upgrade has now changed again to November. So its now been July, September and now November. DO ONE Vodafone i wont be upgrading when it runs out. Back to O2. Also thnks for you web chat and complaints service never getting back to me.

Cant wait til November to leave.
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Re: 90 days early upgrade changed to 50 days

Well my upgrade has changed from feb,june and now july.
Contract ends in september i will be leaving.
Looking at the postings here on the forum i think Vodafone have made a big mistake in this change of policy.
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Re: Upgrades

whats most annoying... is that the salesman sixteen months ago told me to go for the two year contract because you could upgrade 180 days early..... they convienently forget to the ' offer might be recinded at any time' line...  yes well done vodafone.... i and thousands of others will be off as soon as possible..... thanks

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Mixed messaging RE: early upgrades leaving me disappointed

[ Edited ]

In the post above, Vodafone indicates that 'We will honour upgrades for those customers that were notified of their upgrade date ahead of any changes that we have made.', as well as indicating that the current upgrade system will remain through customer services until 12th March. 

After two conversations with customer services on the phone, it is clear that this is not actually being honoured. I was due for early upgrade at the end of Feb and had been informed of this via phone and via my online account before the change in the system. I've tried explaining this to the CS agents but they're not listening and not even taking the 'promises' being made by Vodafone representatives on here into account. They are refusing to put me through to the upgrade team. 

Please help me sort this out.  



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Upgrade early

Hi I'm wondering can I still upgrade early on an 18 month contract is it still 190 days online.
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Re: Upgrade early

Hi stuartwilson,

Am afraid the early upgrade option is no longer available..

I have provided a link with regards to this..

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Early Upgrade.



i was looking for some help in regards to early upgrade.


i currently have 5 lines with vodafone and love the service vodafone provide...until now.


i have had a BB Torch for a year and a half, and unfortunately now it has broken, my contract isnt up until october 2012.


i have had a few calls with vodafone call centres and the help has been nothing short of a shambles.


Phones 4 U are willing to buy me out of my contract up to 6 mothes before the end which means i could get a new phone next month by simply switching provider. obviously i want to stay with vodafone due to the previous support  and assistance i have had but on this occasion if i can not get the necessery help i may be forced to take my business to phones 4 u as the seem to be willing to help me out.


Any help would be much appreciated.


Thanks and kind regards,


John Williams



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Re: Upgrade early

Not happy after logging in to my account today to find my upgrade date has changed, it went from Feb to april first which I wasnt too bothered about as the phone I want to upgrade to isn't released till April perfect timing oh so I thought.

New upgrade date 9 June.
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Re: Early Upgrade.

Unfortunatly voda ended their 190 day early offering last month,at the same time the ability of VF employees to selectivly upgrade customers earlier than this also apears to have been removed

Since then upgrades are limited to 50 days before contract end date,



Note I do not work for voda, Nor now am I a customer
My advice comes from experience and my opinions are my own
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Unable to upgrade anymore.

[ Edited ]

I was able to upgrade around January the 31st and didn't have any money for a new phone at the time, I logged in today with the intention to upgrade my contract and to my suprise I'm now unable to upgrade until June. Can anyone explain what's going on? Did I miss the period in which I can upgrade or something? Because it seems very strange if there's a certain time period that you can upgrade in that constantly changes.

Edit, I've just read the post about upgrading "We will honour upgrades for those customers that were notified of their upgrade date ahead of any changes that we have made." Am I still entitled to my upgrade then?

It was very nice not to be notified about this change via text message or email, I guess that's too hard for a telecommunications company and we should all be expected to have the time and the patience to scan this forum every day for changes in vodafone policy. Like everyone else in this thread I also feel vodafone no longer values its longterm customers and I'll be hopping ship at the end of my contract.

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