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Upgraded contract by phone, no email confirmation

I upgraded my contract last week and received a HTC Trophy, but decided to exchange it within my 7 days for a Blackberry Torch. I called 191 on Tuesday - the last day of the 7 day exchange period - and set it all up. My contract amount was changed and I was told I would receive the phone by today at the latest. I haven't received i yet, and while I know it has time to get here I'm concerned that I have received no email confirmation at all of my exchange or expected delivery. 


Can you confirm this should be the case? Are emails not sent out in the same way when you order by phone?

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Re: Upgraded contract by phone, no email confirmation

Hi hallieberry

I can appreciate your confusion over this issue. Have you received the phone?

Usually when the return is processed  the phone (depending on stock) would be sent out directly, it may have been that we were short on stock which caused this to be delayed.

If you could let me know if your still with out a phone, if this is the case we can chase this up for you.

eForum Team

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