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Upgrading early?

Good morning,
Apologies if this has been asked a lot of times before.

I lost my precious Samsung Galaxy S2 just before Christmas and informed Vodafone, to which they blocked my original sim and re sent me a new one.
I am currently using a very ancient mobile now and after starting my own business in the new year it's just not good enough.

I'm exactly 3 months away from my upgrade date of 23rd April, and would like to find out any information (if at all) about upgrading any earlier, fees/costs to do this?

I have been advised to perhaps change my price plan to the lowest I can, and then maybe cancel it by paying off what's left.

Any information will be gratefully received!
Many Thanks.
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Re: Upgrading early?

Hi there


As a quick search of the forum will reveal, this question gets asked a fair bit.  The 23rd April is actually your early upgrade date. In order to bring that date forward, you will need to buy out the time remaining in your contract.  The Early Termination Fee you'll have to pay is the number of months of line rental remaining, without VAT, and less a 2% rebate.  If you call 191, they will be able to confirm the exact amount.


You won't be able to decrease your price plan below the level at which you signed the contract as this is the minimum price you have to pay for the entire duration of the contract.



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Re: Upgrading early?

Usually they'll let you upgrade early if you pay off the contract (so like five months at your current tarrif?), so might be cheaper to buy a PAYG phone outright and use that until you can upgrade, even if you got a nice one could then just change to a sim only in April and recover the loss by having a cheaper plan for a year.

As to changing the plan, they won't reduce it mid contract precisely because people were doing that to cancel cheaply and thus scam them out of the agreed contract.
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