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Vodafone Are Rubbish

Im New to this forum so bare with me.


i brought a Lg Cookie 18 months ago and that died so i called them up and they sent me a xperia x10 not did i realise it was a new 24 month contract they had given me after accepting and paying £100 bills each month now i have been cut off because of xmas post they havnt recived it so i called up today and they said they would reconnect me for a week till the cheque cleared this was at 9am at 3pm still not reconnected i called up and someone else said they couldnt reconnect me i even offered them £20 just to reconnect me untill the new yr and still said no. why cant they be like orange who my brother is with and he got cut off and called them up offered them a £5 and he got reconnected is there someone from vodafone who could help me with this situation or a member public with advice i would a thought a company like this would understand with xmas just gone that people dont have much money. or is it there jut got in a sulk coz there sponsored cricket team lost the ashes last night :smileyvery-happy:

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Re: Vodafone Are Rubbish

Hiya, yes if you call customer services and ask to speak to the right department they can assist you with a payment plan, or can possibly postpone suspension pending your cheque being received, but this will be dependent on your circumstances.


I would recommend there are many other ways to pay your account now, direct debit, credit card, debit card etc and all these would mean your cheque wouldn't be delayed in the post and prevent future issues.


I am not sure about Vodafone but normally with most companies your account has to be a few days beyond your overdue date before they will suspend you so ... !

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Re: Vodafone Are Rubbish

Go to shop buy sim from another provider YOUR PROBLEMS ARE OVER!!!!



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Re: Vodafone Are Rubbish

The only way to get your phone reconnected will be for the cheque to be cleared and for your account to be up to date.


This is for your own protection, your cheque could be returned and you could incur high charges on your account which you may have difficulty paying.


The easiest way to pay your bill is by direct debit.  You can also quickly pay through Vodafone's automated payment service on 191. You key in your phone number, card number and the amount and its instantly put against your account.   Cheque payment does seem outdated now, when there are easier methods to make payment.


If you called Vodafone and accepted a new phone, it would have been considered an upgrade and a contract extension.  This would have been explained to you and you would also have received a letter from Vodafone confirming your new commitment.



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Re: Vodafone Are Rubbish

Best thing to do is have nothing to do with this trash network

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