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Vodafone Sim Swap

My old phone has a sim-only contract (standard-size SIM), my new phone has a nano SIM with a contract tied to the phone. I'd like to keep the contracts with the respective phone, but swap the numbers so that my 'old' number is on my new phone. I used the Vodafone Sim Swap form and a few hours later, received a text saying that they "have successfully transferred my number to my new SIM", but my old number is still assigned to my old phone and I'm still stuck with this unwanted number on my new phone. What should I do? Is it even possible to swap numbers between phones with active contracts? Thanks. 

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Re: Vodafone Sim Swap

The numbers are tied to the contract, so the best you can do is take your contract and number to a smaller sim for the new phone, and the new number and contract to a larger sim for use in the old phone.

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