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Vodafone still also charging for old mobile contract after upgrade.

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I'm posting this here because I've tried to contact customer support about this but keep dropping the call or maybe getting cut off?


Around last November after reaching the end of the contract we upgraded/replaced the old HTC Desire with a Galaxy S3 and transfered money into the appropriate bank account to pay for most of the monthly payments and didn't think I'd have to check that the old phone had been cancelled.

Incidentally around this time I also took out another contract on a Sony Experia which I quickly cancelled because I didn't like the phone.


My Samsung Galaxy S3 has now been cut off because I have no more money left in my account to pay the monthly tarrif because they have also been taking payment for the returned Sony Xperia... or my old HTC desire which I no longer use. (Not sure which)


Can someone from Vodafone Accounts management please look into this mistake and refund me the money wrongfully taken from my account please?


Thank you.

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Re: Vodafone still also charging for old mobile contract after upgrade.

Hi paul-hope,


From your post it seems like possibly the contract with the HTC Desire on it wasn't cancelled. 


We'll be happy to take a look at this for you. You can find out how to get in contact with us here.

Once we get your email we'll be in touch as soon as possible.





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