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Vodaphone Contract-Contract number port

I am currently with Vodafone but I am out of contract. I wish to get a new 12 month contract with Vodafone through Topcashback but didn't know if I had to downgrade the old contract to pay as you go before porting the number to the new contract. The reason why I am concerned is it says "You can port your number when doing contract to contract port if the previous network is not the same as the new network. You can port from any network PAYG to any network contract." in the merchant notes.
To summarise I have two questions:
1) Can you still get the cashback even though you are an existing customer?
2) Do I have to downgrade it to pay as you go first or can I just cancel one contract and start another and port the same number over?

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Re: Vodaphone Contract-Contract number port

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Sites like topcashback tend to only operate on new customers.


What you are really looking for is an upgrade.


It's a lot of effort, but you would need to request your PAC from vodafone and move to another network as PAYG - this will totally close your account

Then wait the required time on the new network before requesting a PAC

To then port to vodafone on your new contract.



Edit: you may be able to do this by moving to VF PAYG, but not totally sure on how that would work.

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Re: Vodaphone Contract-Contract number port

Hi noggie1,


grolschuk is correct - these deals always tend to specify new customers only, not upgrades.


Only they will be able to advise if any of these suggestions would work - the cashback is their promotion, not ours, so they'd set the rules.


That said, have you tried speaking with our @VodafoneUKDeals team? They may be able to find an upgrade option for you which suits you just fine!



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