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Wap Call Charge? I have been charged extra for my bill

Hi all,


Basically I have received my bill today and checked it online, I have unlimited texts, 600 minutes and data usage. However, my bill has a charge of 42p which is down as a Vodafone Wap cal what is this? Why have I been charged for it? I haven't made any calls outside of minutes i am well under and only used 100mb of data usage over the month yet have been charged 42p for something I know nothing about.


Could someone please clear this up.

Many thanks,


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Re: Wap Call Charge? I have been charged extra for my bill



It doesn't mention CSD or anything like that in the description does it?


On older phones CSD calls would occasionally show up on bills if the phone was set up for CSD (CSD was the old form of accessing the internet before GPRS where you'd be charged per minute for connecting to the web, rather than from a data allocation)

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