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What does this mean?

I have a new contract additional to the one i  have already. I recevied my first months bill.


But for somereason it is £55.91 the thing is i have a £33.00 a month contract, so how come it equals to that.

I am only paying the £33.00 i suppose to pay.


It says Your Price Plan *inc prorating* = £44.89


I need help asap.


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Re: What does this mean?

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Hello twinklemarmite


Its prorata billing.  When you take out a new contract or change your price plan, to bring you in line with your billing date, you are charged part of a month, plus one full months line rental in advance.  You will find your next months bill for the new number will be for the normal price.


If you log onto your online account, you will find an explantion of prorata billing, plus a video from Gerry explaining how your bill is charged.


A search of the forum, will also find you some previous threads explaining how your first bill is charged.



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Re: What does this mean?

The thing is i wasnt expecting that, as i never got told anything about it. I have can only afford the the amount of £33.00 for this contract and £17.00 of the other one. I cant afford the extra that has accured. So i am going to be £22.00 in debt on it.

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Re: What does this mean?

Hi there twinklemarmite,


Thanks for your post. AnnS has expalined it perfectly.





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