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Why won't my sim activate?

I got a new phone on Friday.  I activated the new micro sim via the web site, but by Saturday morning, nothing had happened.


I called on Saturday and they said that they'll activate it.


By Sunday morning, nothing had happened.  So I called again, and they said that whatever was done on Saturday didn't work (I don't know how they knew that or that they did anything differently).  By Sunday evening, nothing had happened.


I called again Sunday evening and got through to an engineer.  He said to take the sim out and put it back in.  


By Monday evening (now), nothing has happened.


Someone please help!  What do I need to do to get this working?!

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Re: Why won't my sim activate?

Here's some facts that I've just been told by a Vodafone rep.  I'm not sure if they're true or not, perhaps someone could clarify:


1. The sim that I received with my pay-as-you-go Moto G phone (ordered from the Vodafone web site) , cannot be activated and used with my monthly number.  A new sim must be sent from Vodafone for this to be activated.  I don't think this is true as I've spoken to about 4 different Vodafone reps since trying to get this activated on Friday, and none of them mentioned this fact.


2. The sim I got this afternoon from a Vodafone shop (I got it because the other one wouldn't activate and I was advised by a Vodafone rep to try a different sim) - can only be activated in the Vodafone shop where I got it from.  I don't think this is true, because when I asked for the sim in the shop, the assistant asked if I'd like her to activate it, but I said I'll do it later when I'm home as I don't have the phone with me.  She didn't mention that what I had just said was an impossibility!


I am really peeved at the service received so far, and I think I've just been fed a pack of lies.


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Re: Why won't my sim activate?

Problem solved.  Here's what happened:


1. I ordered a PAYG phone from Vodafone.  It came with a micro-sim.  

2. I asked Vodafone to active my sim so that I could use my pay-monthly account

3. It didn't work

4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 about 4 or 5 times

5. Go to a Vodafone shop and get another sim

6. Repeat step 2

7. Go to a Vodafone shop and get another sim

8. Repeat step 2

9. Faint when the damn thing actually works (and is activated within 2 minutes)!


Here's what was different and what Vodafone should be asking and making people aware of:

1. If the sim you're trying to activate is a PAYG sim and the number you want to transfer to it is a contract number, then forget it - it won't work.

2. If the sim you're trying to activate is a blank sim, then you can't activate it yourself and you can't get Vodafone to activate it over the phone.


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Re: Why won't my sim activate?

Hi Steve D,


I'm glad this is now working for you.


To clarify, the SIM which came with the new phone would already have a Pay as you go number attached. That's why you couldn't activate the Pay monthly number on it.


That said, I'm unsure why the first replacement SIM would also have failed.



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