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cancelling contract/requesting pac code

I have been trying to email Vodafone to cancel my contract for about 4 weeks using the web request but it has not been working. I am aware tha I'll have to pay an early cancellation fee. I called 191 and explained that I didn't want to give 30 days notice as I'd been trying to cancel for so long. He advised me to email I did so but had no response. I called 191 this evening and was told that I cannot cancel via that email address and would need to write a letter and STILL give 30 days notice. So I noticed that if you request and use a PAC code, the account will end automatically and I'll be sent a final bill. I requested my PAC code and asked the advisor if my account would automatically end and she is maintaining that I STILL need to send a letter and give 30 days notice; PAC codes, however, only last 30 days. I am being given conflicting information. I just want to get the account cancelled ASAP. If I use my PAC code tomorrow, will that terminate my contract? The advisor was adamant that I would not be able to use my code until my contract had been cancelled. She sent me a text message with the postal address and is insistent that I write a letter. I cannot remember the last time I had to go to the trouble of writing and posting a letter. Please advise, thanks!
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Re: cancelling contract/requesting pac code

Vodafone have a hideously complecated cancelation procedure involving the use of either an postal address that occasionally looses letters or an email address that rarely works


Fortunatly the regulator requires them to adhere to another method, the PAC system

After you give your PAC to a new provider, either contract or PAYG, within a few working days your number will port to the new provider and voda will then automatically close your acount and issue a final bill

Note I do not work for voda, Nor now am I a customer
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Re: cancelling contract/requesting pac code

As SynthFG says, the 191 advisor is talking cojones - possibly not her fault though, maybe just bad training, but still.  Use your PAC and forget about the letter !

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