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credit check failed

i  spoke to a sales person last week and he gave me all the shpeel about the new iphone 4.  I agreed to go ahead with the contract. He was very persuasive. Then i got an email asking me to ring up, which i promptly did.  as i was ordering the phone on behalf of the my husband , he had to speak to them to confirm who he was.  The woman on the other end started to ask him , who our mortgage was etc. which to be honest my husband was a vbit vague about, but i was sitting next to him keeping him right.

She said fine that was the end of the check, and then i received an email seconds later saying that i had failed the credit check.

Now my husband has been a customer of vodafone for at least 4-5 years, and  i have been a monthly customer for nearly a year.

I cannot for the life of me understand how iwe failed the chredit check.  Rang back to enquire, they gave me the credit lliasion dept email address. In my experience Vodafone  NEVER EVER answer emails, and when i mentioned t his the guy said you should get a reply with 72 hours, needless to say a week later i am still waiting. Considering taking my business elsewhere.

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Re: credit check failed

Try apply again maybe you will get approved.

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Re: credit check failed

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Hi there


The  most likely reason for the credit check fail would be due to you ordering the phone on your Husbands account and the credit check being carried out in your name.


If your Husband orders the contract in his name with the credit check being done in his name, he should pass the credit criteria.


As a credit check will now have been done in your name, you would be unable to reapply for three months, this gives your credit file time to recover.

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Re: credit check failed

thanks, but the phone was ordered in his name, thats why i had to hand the phone over to my husband so he could verify his details, and like i said the still haven not replied to my e mail.

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Re: credit check failed

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Hi crawfie68


Thank you for your posts and I am sorry to see this has caused you frustration.:smileysad:


Unfortunately we are unable to provide details around credit checks however you can check with the credit reference agencies such as Experian or Equifax and this way assistance can also be found.


I have sent you a Private Message to see if there is anything on our system that would help explain things.


You can find your PM inbox here.


Many Thanks



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