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my phone has been cut off!!

i rang customer services this morning to pay my bill and was told i cudnt until the payment had been declined from my bank as it was saying it had been paid. now my phone has been cut off and i think it is pretty disgracefull that i cant even ring customer services to sort it out. how am i supposed to speak to someone about it..???

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Re: my phone has been cut off!!

Hello aimeecashmore


Its unfortunate that you have had your phone disconnected and  now have an outgoing call restriction on your phone.  While your service is restricted, for security reasons, this also includes Customer Services and you will also find you are unable to access your online account.


The most important thing now is to get your service back and you be able to contact Customer Services from an alternative phone, the number of which can be found on the contact us section of the website.  Alternatively, pop into a Vodafone store and you can use the store phone to pay the bill.


As soon as the bill is paid, you will get a text message to let you know when your service will be back online.

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Re: my phone has been cut off!!

I think it's daft that you can't call customer services if you've been cut off, especially as that is what you need to do to make a payment.


I can understand cutting off access to all other types of calls, but calls to customer services should be allowed.

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Re: my phone has been cut off!!

I've seen this explained as follows :-  the current technology only allows ONE number to be left "available" when your service is suspended, and Vodafone have decided that the number in question should/must be 999 for reasons of public safety.   However this rather flies in the face of evidence that increasing numbers of people are making do with just a mobile phone and are giving up their landlines - not something I'd ever consider myself, but I can see why people do it. 


I think in the future the networks will have to reconsider this question and invest in better technology - as so many posters have said, if you can't call 191 and you don't have a handy pal with a landline, what are you going to do ?


One thing I don't understand though - and maybe I'm having a senior moment here - but if you give up your landline how do you get broadband ?



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Re: my phone has been cut off!!

Not all broadband requires a phone line.
Virgin Cable Services and Satallite are 2 that spring to mind :smileyhappy:

Telephone boxes are another option you could use
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