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vodafone charging me for calls i have not made!

i recieved my bill for 167.00 and i was like OMG whats happened, had a look got phone call which makes no sense 

Mon 12 Dec 13:03 0018772088771  US or Canada1h 13m 37s92.02192.021

i dont know this number and time of day i was in hospital and my phone was off, i was having scan/blood/consultant appointment, was in hospital 1215-1230-3ishpm and i do not know this number and it hasnt registered on my iphone that i made it, 


Vodafone are calling me a liar saying my sim made the call! thats why i have been paid wont even investigate or check this out!

i am thinking only option cancel contract with vodafone and go with another provider?

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Re: vodafone charging me for calls i have not made!

Hi littleflower


Thank you for your post and a very warm welcome to the eForum, it is great to see you here.:smileyhappy:


I am sorry that this has caused you frustration and would love to see if we can get to the bottom of this, please 'contact us' with EFT165 - Your eForum Query as the subject  (this ensures it comes through to us) and with a contact number and we will be in touch as soon as possible.


Many Thanks



eForum Team

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Re: vodafone charging me for calls i have not made!

I have the same problem! I'm so mad!!! Apparently my 11yr old called a number in US or Canada for nearly 2 hours!! This is impossible, he cant make international calls and we know NOBODY in these countries!! let alone him find a code for either country!! I have maybe traced the number to a business but it is one number missing!!!.

His phone usage shows he is barely ever on a call more than 30 seconds! I'm furious vodafone are calling me a liar!!


Sat 16 Feb 15:05 14022808000  US or Canada1h 47m 20s134.167134.167

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Re: vodafone charging me for calls i have not made!

Very strange, it will be interesting to see where the calls originated from.


When you say he can't make international calls, is this because they are barred by the network, or he does not know how?

If barred then it should be impossible for the call to connect, if just lacking knowing how do the phones call logs show anything around this time? Could the phone have become unlocked in his bag and dialled a random set of digits?


+1 402 280 8000 would be the number and is a complete USA telephone number, so no numbers missing there.


Hang around for the tech team to get to the post (as you have dug one up from over a year ago, it may take a few hours) and they should be able to look into it for you.

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Re: vodafone charging me for calls i have not made!

Hi jema77,


If the call can be seen to originate from your phone, we are limited in what we can do. We can certainly prevent any such calls being made but will need to access your account. To allow us to do so, I’ve just sent you a PM.


You can find your PM inbox here. If you can’t access this link, please ensure that the box next to “Turn on private messages” is ticked on this page, and let us know if you need any further assistance.


If you can follow the details in the PM, we’ll be in touch as soon as we can.





I’m part of the Vodafone Tech Team and here to help. As this is a public forum, we can only answer non account specific queries. Please note, we’re unable to reply to private messages.

If you see a helpful post, please click the 'Thanks' button to let the author know. If a post solves your query, please click the ‘This is the Answer?’ button. This helps others find helpful answers in the community too.

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Re: vodafone charging me for calls i have not made!

hi i am a monthly customer and i just been charged £100 pounds more than usual .i checked my bill online and found the same as the other people on this forum .i have made several calls to us or canada all lasting only 4 or 5 seconds and 2 calls to germany . i havnt got a clue what the hell these calls are.i also got charged 2 moblie internet charges for £20 and £10 at 00.00 ,but as you can see on my bill there where apparently 4 downloads totalling about 3 gb in under a minute.this is unbelievable speeds considering my virgin media can only do a gb a min.and that is 152mb broadband.can you please email me or pm me and let me know what the hell is going on

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Re: vodafone charging me for calls i have not made!

Data charges tend to be agglomerated, so this will probably be several connections during the day, rather than one big (and very quick!) one.  That doesn't answer your main question, but the team here will certainly be able to look at it for you.

Vodafone Live Help button.png

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Re: vodafone charging me for calls i have not made!

[ Edited ]

Hi d133791k,


As hrym has said, our mobile usage is merged together as one charge on each day, rather than a huge list of every single connection.


So that we can look into the other issue, take a look here for how to get in touch.


We aim to reply to emails within 48 hours. If you need a quicker response, please visit our Contact us page.



Matt B

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