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No 4G in Spain

2: Seeker



I'm using an iPhone 7 in Spain but don't have 4G connectivity where I am staying. I'm with a friend who owns a Samsung Galaxy S7, and is effectively on the same contract as me (Vodafone 4G in the UK). He's getting consistent speed of 100Mbps+ and indicating "4G+", whereas I am limited to 3G and 8Mbps or so. My 3G connection is also unreliable, will drop calls, and I frequently have to toggle my phone in and out of airplane mode to resume data usage.


My phone works fine in the UK and I have no problems with 4G there. I have checked bars, toggled them off and on.


Same location, same network, same contract, different phone (but mine is newer)


Any ideas what's going on?

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17: Community Champion

Hi @bamboozled


As a process of elimination to rule out the phone or sim card/ account that maybe at issue can you try your sim in your friends phone and their sim in yours. 

To add there has also been a few recent posts concerning 4G connection whilst roaming abroad so the Social Media Team here are aware of the issue and will be reporting this feedback. 

To add I've seen past posts where a group are on holiday together with people acquiring different levels of connection which can be attributed to their Vodafone Uk account.

Other variables do exist as to where Vodafone UK cannot guarantee connection / data speed when a person is out of the UK and roaming on a foreign network they have no control over. 

Please try choosing a different network and if necessary then switch back to your original foreign network. 


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Swapped SIM cards and I have 4G immediately

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@bamboozled Can you please confirm:

- When you entered your SIM card into another device, did this fix the 4G issue?
- When you entered your friends SIM into your device, did this continue to work on 4G?

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2: Seeker

My SIM card in my friends phone = 3G

My friend's SIM card in my phone = 4G

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Great thanks @bamboozled Smiley Happy

So by process of elimination it would look like this issue is related to your account, rather than the SIM card/device.

We'd be happy to look into this for you, please contact us using the information in the private message I've sent.

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