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Go Launcher Ex app.

Hi all..


I've been experimenting with 3rd party launchers over the last few weeks. I like Go Launcher Ex the best, purely because of it's smooth operation & how you can customise the effects (scrolling etc). I find it just as quick as TouchWiz, only so much more appealing to the eye.


I do have a question though, the only thing stopping me from keeping this launcher is 1 app I currently have built into my phone. The app / widget is 'Program Monitor'. I have this app on my TW homescreen so I can quickly open the list & close the relevant apps. Once Go Launcher Ex is installed, Program Monitor doesn't seem to appear in the 'Widget, apps or shortcut' option. Perhaps this is a TW only widget, but it's a widget I use a lot to save battery power.


Anyone any ideas? I'm happy to use a 3rd party app to kill apps I don't want running in the background..:smileylol:

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Re: Go Launcher Ex app.

just hold down the home button until the task manager icon shows up :smileyhappy:
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Re: Go Launcher Ex app.

GO Launcher has it's own Task Manager...  


GO - Task Manager




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