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Overheating caused Galaxy s screen to crack

Hi, I have a problem with my galaxy s.

I have had it for about 4 months and had no problems up until now.

I was using it quite a bit last night at work whilst it was on charge (watching films, emails, internet, etc, etc)

When I got home I noticed the phone was switched off but didn’t think too much of it, I just assumed the battery had worn down. When I put it on charge it got really hot (I mean OWWWW THATS HOT!!!!!) and took it off charge. I had a closer look at the phone and saw that the heat was coming not from that battery as I assumed it would have, but from around the earpiece on the front of the phone and had a hairline crack on the inside of the screen and what looked like a bronze washer near it.

I took it to the Vodafone store where I bought it from and they informed me that irrelevant of how the crack appeared on the inside of the screen I was likely to be liable for the repairs, even though in my estimation it is a manufacturing defect as the phone has not performed up to its potential.

Could you clarify if this is the case


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Re: Overheating caused Galaxy s screen to crack

This is the first time I have ever heard of a Galaxy S getting so hot that the screen cracks! The phone will tend to heat up while charging but it may have something to do with pumping power into the battery while watching films, browsing the net etc I would get in touch with Samsung as the unit should be covered in its 2 year warranty.

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Re: Overheating caused Galaxy s screen to crack

Hi djelia77,


I would suggest you look at the Samsung website to locate the nearest Samsung Service Centre to your location.

Take your phone directly to them, because if it is a manufacture fault they will be able to repair or replace it.


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