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Samsung Galaxy Ace - Can't connect to Vodafone

Hi All,

I have a Galaxy Ace on PAYG.  It's been great from the word go, but in the last day or so I can't make any calls.  I get the dreaded "MOBILE NETWORK NOT AVAILABLE".


If I go into SETTINGS and search for "network operators" I can see Vodafone UK. If I select to connect it says : "Registering on vodafone UK..."  then "your SIM card does not allow a connection to this network".


I've tried the usual : flight mode on/off, 2G only, complete reboot, even reset to factory settings.  It's still the same. 


Saw an earlier post about IMEI being blacklisted, but other than that I'm fresh out of ideas.


Interestingly if I take the SIM out and place it in an old NOKIA it works fine, and I could even add some top up ok.  So it sounds like the phone rather than the SIM.


Any help appreciated!



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Re: Samsung Galaxy Ace - Can't connect to Vodafone

As the Sim works perfectly in another phone, I think we can safely agree it's a problem with the Phone.


I would send it away for repair...



Vodafone Repair




Samsung Service Centre Locator
Ring Customer Services
Tel: 0330 7267864
Monday - Saturday: 9am - 6pm
Bank Holidays: 10am - 4pm





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Re: Samsung Galaxy Ace - Can't connect to Vodafone

Hi b4rkie


I agree with thesoupdragon it does sound like the phone has developed a fault. See here for ways to arrange a repair :smileyhappy:.





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