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Syncing with Facebook



Is there a feature on the Samsung Galaxy S which works in a similiar way to the HTC phones where it will sync with your Facebook contacts and download contacts information and photos into your phone book?



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Re: Syncing with Facebook

The default contacts aplication has built in facebook sync, just add your facebook account and sync away to pull pictures, updates and communications history.


If the name on your contacts doesn't match the facebook names just use the join function to merge.



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Re: Syncing with Facebook


Similar question, but my facebook pictures only appear on the contacts in "People" (Addressbook) and in the call log.


However the facebook picture does NOT appear in my messaging (SMS) application. Why is this?


I know there is a facility to also add an integrated contact account for facebook but I cannot use this feature as you have to manually select which contacts you want to add/sync and I just have too many contacts (200) on my Google account and many hundreds more on facebook that I do not want on my phone. The facebook application feature meanwhile works great (sync only with existing contacts) however the pictures do not show up on the messaging app.

Please advise?

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Re: Syncing with Facebook

Sorry forgot to say, Galaxy S GT-I9000-BUJV3

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Re: Syncing with Facebook

the pics will not come through as its a facebook protacol were the only info is sent via txt only, plus people change there picture and syncing would be a nightmare. This has come up before mainly when people set there phone up and they get 600 contacts on there phone. 

But i'm looking at finding a Facebook to outlook then then sync to my phone 

I have found

and it seems to work but you need to sync via kies and i have put them in a section on my phone 

Hope this helps

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Re: Syncing with Facebook

Thanks but actually not applicable to my query as I do have FB pictures, per my post "my facebook profile pictures only appear on the contacts in "People" (Addressbook) and in the call log."

They do not appear in the messaging (sms) app and that is my query.

Many thanks,
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Re: Syncing with Facebook

Hi there bowhat,


Many thanks for your query about your contacts pictures not importing to the messaging app you are using.


Tell me; are you using the stock application or a third party one?


I use the HTC Desire on 2.2 (FroYo) and all my contacts pictures have downloaded to both the stock app and the third party app which I prefer to use.


It might be worth deleting the Facebook account and starting afresh.


We also have help available for more frequently asked questions in our Samsung Galaxy S Help Centre Smiley Wink


Can you let me know if deleting the Facebook account and re-adding it works?





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