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Wifi And Email Problems

Hi there. I have a new samsung s8000 jet. I have two problems which are really confusing me!

1. I can search for wifi connections (ie home) and find them. I active, search and try to connect to the wifi however it starts to connect then disconnects straight away! In the settings I notice that a WEP key is not inserted (which is needed) so I try to type in my 26 digit WEP key however there is only space for 10 characters. What can I do as this is the case for a number of different wifis in my area??

2. I have set up my Hotmail UK email as so I can recieve emails and download them, however it will not let me send? Is this just because it is hotmail and I cant get around this problem? If so what type of email account does work?

Any help would be very much appreciated.
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Wifi And Email Problems

Hey Jack1986,

Strange! :blink:

Can you try perhaps removing the router's security temporarily to test an 'open' signal? This will be the best way to test, then you can raise security and try again if all is working.

In regards to Hotmail, simply set your outgoing email server to The full guide details can be read below ;)

1. Touch Menu
2. Touch Messages
3. Scroll to and touch Settings
4. Touch Email
5. Touch Profiles
6. Touch Create
7. Touch the field under Set name
8. Touch the left pointing arrow to delete text already present (e.g. Connection 01)
9. Enter Vodafone web, touch Done
10. Touch the field under Access name
11. Enter:
For Pay monthly customers: internet
For Pay as you go customers:
12. Touch Done
13. Scroll to and touch the drop-down arrow below Auth type
14. Touch Normal
15. Touch the field under User ID
16. Enter web, touch Done
17. Scroll to and touch the field under Password
18. Enter web, touch Done
19. Scroll to and touch the drop-down arrow under Protocol
20. Touch HTTP
21. Scroll to and touch Save
22. Touch Vodafone web
23. Touch Email accounts
24. Touch Create
25. Touch the field under Account name
26. Enter the email account name, touch Done
27. Touch the field under SMTP server
28. Enter, touch Done
29. Scroll to and touch the drop-down arrow below Incoming server type
30. Touch POP3 or IMAP4 (depending on the type of account)
31. Scroll to and touch the field under POP3/IMAP4 server
32. Enter the incoming mail server address, touch Done
33. Scroll to and touch the field under My address
34. Enter the account email address, touch Done
35. Scroll to and touch the field under User name
36. Enter the email account user name, touch Done
37. Scroll to and touch the field under Password
38. Enter the email account password set by the user, touch Done
39. Touch Save.

Let us know if you need any help! :)


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