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WIfi settings

I have just received my arc and all seems OK apart from I cannot access the internet via wifi. The phone tells me it is connected to my router and the wifi indicator is displayed at the top of my screen. Wheh I try to to go online it says logging on and then displays an error message. It looks like the settingss on my phone will not let the wifi be used to go online. (3g works fine) Any help appreciated, cheers


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Re: WIfi settings



Not too sure what this could be. A couple of things worth trying / extra information:


- Is it just the one wireless connection you can't connect to? (e.g. can you test on another wifi unit?)

- What router and type of connection are you using? (will hopefully help narrow down for others on here to solve)

- What is the error message when you try to connect?

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Re: WIfi settings



I'm using aD Link DSL 2740r router. It is using wpa/wwpa2 encrytption, I think!

My arc was connected but has now dropped out and I cannot go online via wifi. It is showing as being connected in its staus bar.


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Re: WIfi settings

Hi Simondi, welcome to the eForum!


redpages questions were a good starting point, but there were a couple of key points he came up with which you didn't address.


Firstly, do you manage to connect to any other hotspots, such as public WiFi in a cafe or on a friend's router rather than your own?


Secondly, what exactly is the error message which appears?


On top of these, can you confirm that you've taken the exact steps as shown on our Arc WiFi YouTube Video to set up the connection?


I look forward to hearing from you.




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