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Film : Fantastic 4 {2015}

wiki Link > Fantastic_Four_(2015_film)



Caught this film last night and although it's full of special effects maybe this one should have been left alone and not remade ! 


That said it isn't all bad Smiley Wink


Has anyone else watched this film ?


What do you think ?


Did you prefer the 2005 version ?




Image courtesy of the wiki link. 



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Re: Film : Fantastic 4 {2015}

Funnily enough I watched this last night as well. Mediocre at best.


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Re: Film : Fantastic 4 {2015}

Someone told me to avoid it at the cinema. I'm sure I'll catch it one day though. The original two weren't that bad, I never understood why they rehashed it so soon.




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Re: Film : Fantastic 4 {2015}


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