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Tv : Phone Shop Idol.

Hi Everyone. 


This could look to be interesting. 


Starts Tuesday 19th January 16.

BBC 2 @  10pm. 

1/6 Episodes. 


Source : BBC Media Centre 




"This highly entertaining six-part, characterful series follows the ups and downs of Britain’s mobile phone sales force as they battle it out in Shop Idol, a prestigious annual industry competition which scours all corners of the UK to find the best mobile phone salesperson in the country."



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Re: Tv : Phone Shop Idol.

Well I viewed the first episode.


Some eyebrow raising moments.🤔


Not sure I'd want to do Starjumps on a morning and run around on the spot flinging my arms everywhere to 'warm up' for the working day. 


The product knowledge and Communication Skills of some of these store employees wildly fluctuates I noticed. 


No Vodafone tho 😕





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Re: Tv : Phone Shop Idol.

[ Edited ]

I did pick up a questionable comment regarding when 3G disappears, then it's [mobile presumably] defunct. He could have meant signal in the area, it's hard to tell.


04:52 on iPlayer

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