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Wonderful telephone customer service



I just got off the phone with a lovely girl from the Vodafone call-in customer service.


I've never had such an easy, friendly and relaxed call to customer service in my life. I was really impressed! A nice combination of professionalism and friendliness.


I think I'm in love! :smileyvery-happy: Maybe she will text me?!?!! :smileytongue:


No but in all seriousness, thanks Vodafone for the patient and friendly support, very much appreciated :smileyhappy:


Vodafone has annoyed me before in a few other areas, but I was very happy with the call-in service. So thank you!



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Re: Wonderful telephone customer service

Hi Nintendoo and welcome to the eForum


That’s absolutely great :smileyhappy: I’m very pleased that you had a nice experience with our customer service team. It’s nice when our customer let us know when something has gone right :smileywink:





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