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Slightly unusual unlocking query

Hi all,


Have a query about unlocking my old (now ceased) Vodafone contract iPhone 3GS. Basically, the phone battery has failed and Apple have advised they will do an out of warranty replacement for a small sum. As I now have an iPhone 4 (on Orange) I'd like to give the refurb replacement to a family member. However, they are on O2.


I have read up on the unlocking process and submitted the webform with the requested details. I just want to clarify what I would like to do is possible and to check I understand the process.


How will I know that the unlock request has been sucessful? The 'old' 3GS doesn't work, so I can't connect it to iTunes to see. Do I get any other notification that the unlock process has been completed?


Also, once I have confirmation that the original 3GS has been unlocked, I then plan to take it to the Apple store and pay for the out of warranty replacement. I presume that as the IMEI of the original phone at this point will show as unlocked in Apple's database that the replacement phone (which a new IMEI) would also?


Hope that makes sense. As I say just want to be clear on the process before proceeding with the replacement option.


Thanks for reading.



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Re: Slightly unusual unlocking query

The old phone unlock can be finalised by connecting it to ITunes, you will see a pop up message in iTunes confirming the unlock when Apple have processed it. However you need to put a non Vodafone sim it it to complete the process so just buy a £1 non Vodafone sim card and use that when you connect to iTunes

Apple will replace a like for like unit, so once the phone is unlocked Apple will replace it with an unlocked unit.
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Re: Slightly unusual unlocking query



Thanks for the reply and suggestions.


The old original 3GS doesn't work and can't be seen by iTunes. Following a quick chat with Apple and Vodafone yesterday afternoon I decided to proceed in getting the refurb replacement from Apple. They confirmed that this would inherit the lock status of the original handset - they swap the IMEI's on their system. Visited a VF store with the new handset and they requested a network unlock via email there and then, so all good.


Thanks again.



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