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Unlock Nokia Lumia 520

I bought a Nokia Lumia 520 about three weeks ago.  I got a reduced rate for it based on some points I had earned topping up with credit.  None the less it wasn't very cheap.  I now work in Prague, Czech Republic and wanted to use it on the Vodafone network here.  As I'm not in the UK much I only have a PAYG account there but still I use it a lot.  I tried the phone with a local (Vodafone CZ) sim but it is locked.  I checked back with UK and they said I needed to get an unlock code.  After filling in the form with the IMEI number I sent it to PAYTNUCResolutions only to recieve an email back some days later that said: 


'We are unable to verify the IMEI number provided by you as it does not match with our records and in that case we will not be able to process your request.' 

So I rechecked the code and it is definitely right.  It's the same on the packaging, on the phone and in the phones memory too.  It all matches.  I tried the Unlock people again and again the same answer.  They cannot match the number to their records.


I've tried online and over the phone but nobody can help.  What do I do next?  Who do I speak to?  How can I unlock this phone.  I want to use it on the same network for goodness sakes.  Just in a different country.  Please help...

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Re: Unlock Nokia Lumia 520

Hi steenagro,


We can look into this for you.


See how to get in touch here.





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Re: Unlock Nokia Lumia 520

Same problem please help
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Re: Unlock Nokia Lumia 520

Hi @yusif


Welcome to the eForum,


I've sent you a private message with instructions on how to get in touch, so we can look into this further.





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