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Unlocking Vodafone 875 phone

I have received my Unlock code and the instructions from Vodafone, however when I follow the instructions given which are


1 With the Vodafone SIM card inside the handset

2 Dial # # # 765 * 08 # into the handset

3 You will be prompted to enter the NCK

4 Now enter ????????? Press OK

5 The handset should now be unlocked.


NB If the handset fails to unlock, then please do not attempt to enter any sequence more than twice, as you will risk permanently blocking your handset.


If you require more help call 191


After following steps 1 and 2 The following error message is displayed.

"Connection or MMI Code Error"

With just one option to press OK. I am therefore unable to enter my unlock code.


As calling 191 from my phone did not give me any relevant options for this problem with the exception of telling me how to request an unlock code before cutting me off I thought I would try here.


Having also searched the net it would appear the instructions for steps 1 and 2 are correct. I also found the following help

1) Reset the Phone by switching it off and on and then Add a comma to the end of the code entry (Does Nothing and still gives same error)

2) The other option was to insert a none vodafone sim then when the phone restarts it will ask for the NCK to unlock the phone. Did not ask for unlock code simple went to the main screeen and said invalid sim Emergency calls only. I did not try the dial screen in case it automatically rang the emergency number.


Does this mean the phone or the sim card or both are faulty?

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Re: Unlocking Vodafone 875 phone

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Hi Fruit-On-Ice,


If you use a non Vodafone SIM in the phone, you should still be able to dial to command (step 2) to get the unlocking screen.


You should then be able to out the code in to unlock the phone.



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Re: Unlocking Vodafone 875 phone

Thanks I found its nothing like any of the instructions found. I put in another SIM which then asked for a simple code offering me ten attempts before it would lock the phone. The exact message I don't have but it doesn't mention NCK, NUC or unlock code but out of curiosity I entered the code Vodafone supplied me and it worked although some of the phone codes using # & * still generate the connection or MMI code error but the phone is unlocked Thanks
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Re: Unlocking Vodafone 875 phone

Hi Fruit-On-Ice,


Thanks for letting us know. I've fed back the difference between what you saw and the instructions provided in case there's been a process change or one on the way.


I'm glad to see the phone has been unlocked in the meantime. :smileyhappy:

Cheers, Ben

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Re: Unlocking Vodafone 875 phone

Hi Tech Team

Re Vodafone 875 ME Lock

I have a similar problem. Do I need to ring Vodafone to get the code or can I give u my IMEI to check if u have it.

I'm currently in South Africa trying to use a Vodacom sim

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Re: Unlocking Vodafone 875 phone

Hi @retro-funkster


Welcome to the eForum. :smileyhappy: 


Please complete our network unlock code form to request this (you’ll need to be the original owner of the phone).





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