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iPhone 5 unlock request.

Hello I have now submitted 2 carrier unlock requests for both iPhone 5's on my account but have not received any confirmation emails and the phones are still locked to Vodafone, it would be nice for my request to actually be acknowledged and processed as I would like to be able to use my phones abroad with a local sim.

Thank you in advance.
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Re: iPhone 5 unlock request.



Sorry your iPhone's have not been unlocked yet, Dont worry, it will be unlocked, Sometimes it can take a while to get unlocked. Not sure of the UK time frame but in Ireland it is anything up to 10 working day's.


Have you tried to unlock your phone through iTunes?


In regards to the confirmation email for unlock request, Dont worry - No one receives the confirmation of request. :smileyhappy:


You could also try re-submitting it again.

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Re: iPhone 5 unlock request.

Hi Rbury2,


The requests are currently taking around 10 working days to be completed.


When did you send the requests through to us?


If you place another network SIM in the phone and perform a restore by connecting it to iTunes, do you get the message to say they’re unlocked?




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Re: iPhone 5 unlock request.

Hi James,

I first filled out the form at the beginning of February but no luck so I again filled it out at the beginning of March.

Yes I've tried with a different sim via iTunes but am given the same message, it even updated to iOS 7.1 and updated carrier settings to the new 16.1 Vodafone UK.
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Re: iPhone 5 unlock request.

Hi Rbury2,


So that we can chase this up for you, please click here to send us your details.





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