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Sure signal light sequence

My Sure Signal has been working fine for ages until I returned from a weekend away.

No connection to my Blackberry, and only light 1 (power) on.

Rebooted the router and the sure signal box.

NOw light sequence is : 1,2&3 ON, then 2 ON, then 1&3 ON, then repeated.  After a while only power light on.

Any clues, please?

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Re: Sure signal light sequence


Can you take a look at our Sure Signal Troubleshooting thread, and then post back your results if you’re not directed to an existing thread?



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Re: Sure signal light sequence

Hi atbailey,


Can I ask if the Sure Signal is still going thorough this sequence?


Have you tried to de-register and re-register the Sure Signal?


If not I would try this first and also let me know the serial number so that we can check the registration for you.




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