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already registered



My company has passed a sure signal for me to use. Serial no. is 40114216100.


Please could this be de-registered so that I can register it to use.


I can private message the company name that purchased it if it is required.



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Re: already registered

Hi pompeyblue,


Unfortunately due to data protection we are unable to de-register any Sure Signal without the permission of the person that it is currently registered to.


Due to this you will need to ask the company who gave you the Sure Signal to contact us directly or get the previous owner to contact us directly so this can be done.




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Re: already registered



I have already spoken to the IT department who are unable to contact the previous user as they only worked for the company for 1 week. I have also spoken with the finance manager who has stated that they are unable to provide proof of payment either as the previous user bought the sure signal and was then re-imbursed.


I am one of the senior managers within the company, who else would you wish to speak to regarding this?


I really would like to get this situation resolved as soon as possible. Please let me know what steps I need to take next to register this sure signal for use.

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Re: already registered

Hi pompeyblue


I can certainly appreciate your position, however we're unable to de-register any Sure Signal device without the express permission of the owner.


Therefore we're unable to assist any further in this particular instance unless we receive contact from the registered user.





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