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Re: iPhone 4S Deliveries

Thanks Danny for your opinion :smileyhappy:

Vodafone I would like my iPhone please :smileysad:. On a serious note, I hope they have serious amounts of stock coming in for delivery, assuming Apples figures (4 million iPhones sold in one weekend) are correct I wonder how much stock they actually made?

Plus is anyone experiencing problems with their 4s battery life apparently it's a downer :smileysad:

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Re: iPhone 4S Deliveries

Emma, Apple's figures are correct. And the stock that was around would have been a huge batch of all the stock they had manufactured over the coming weeks / months prior to launch.... Vodafone will not see a thing until Apple do, since they get priority on ALL stock, and they haven't been restocked once since launch date. So Vodafone will see a lot more unhappy customers in the coming weeks :smileyhappy:. Well in Vodafone, get some people on the online help chat who aren't complete liars.


Source: Friend worked in Apple for 4 years and knows the score.



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Re: iPhone 4S Deliveries

spoke to cs earlier they said there getting a delivery in from apple he said maybe 1,000 or 100,000 he doesnt know but there definatly getting it in tommorow
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Re: iPhone 4S Deliveries

Good luck with getting your iPhone 4S guys :smileyhappy: 3-5 days the Manager of customer service said, also I had contacted the CEO of Vodafone and the Vodafone Directors Office will phone me tomorrow regards to my experience with vodafone as I cancelled as soon as he said upto 2 weeks but 3-5 days since I pre-ordered 32GB iPhone 4S on 7th October! Also it still has not been despatched as of 18th 6pm so I cancelled it, stupid frustration to go through; collecting lies every single time I phone up that number, another lie after another and another story after another!


If you ordered a 16GB iPhone best wishes, upto 2 weeks :smileyhappy: I certainly did not take it very well though.

Your Vodafone order's been cancelled

That's right! I cancelled it after pre-ordering it on the day (7th October, Friday) and finding out it won't be delivered soon! Lied on the forums, lied on the phone, lied on the chat. Could you lie anymore? "Awaiting stock allocation" Sure it is, indeed. Because when you phone up as a customer, YOU'RE IN STOCK! But when I phone up, Sorry Sir we're awaiting stock allocation.

They offered me a £20 compensation when people on the forum are getting £135 compensation when they pre-ordered after me and ontop of that they got that much money because it was 1 DAY late!

Now I just want to ask the directors why they have constant liars as there customer services, it's like a disease. Like most people say it's not the fact that the iPhone 4S is not here its because of the consistent lies, lack of communication, lack of effort, NO HONESTY! Not loyal or honest is the main things that really gets on my nerves, I have honestly no respect for you. Need to sort your lives out.

Chat start time Oct 15, 2011 10:33:07 AM EST
Chat end time Oct 15, 2011 12:28:01 PM EST

"Rizwan: We have a few managers. If you want to speak with him, I can arrange for a callback within 24 hours."

18th of october then his manager phones back! At 5pm! Now that's only one of the many of lies they told me.

"Rizwan: So please wait till Monday and you will get the handset."

Oh really? Monday, okay. Monday it is, oh guess what? No handset! I call up they said within 2 hours it should be dispatched, 2 hours gone. I phone up then they say wednesday?! Today I get a phone call saying 2 weeks?! 2 weeks?! Honestly, I pre-ordered on the 7th of October; people ordered on the 15th of October and they got theirs today!


Hopefully when the Vodafone Directors office phones up tomorrow I can tell what appalling job has been done by all the vodafone customer service and I'm just hoping that they're not a part of it! If they are a part of it then I simply need to take this case to watchdog.

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Re: iPhone 4S Deliveries

I am absolutely so damn sick of the lies i keep getting from vodafone, everytime i ring up i get told something different.  Why are they lying all the time??? i have spent a total of 6 hours on the phone since last wednesday trying to weave my way through their ridiculous lies.  I was even promised and assured on a live web chat with a supposed customer service helper that i would be getting my phone that day!!  I copied and pasted a copy of the chat into an email to complain to vodafone and all i got back was a very poorly written lame response, i dont even think the person was in england.


I want some compensation for all of this stress, does anyone know how i go about this 

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Re: iPhone 4S Deliveries

Back on here after another day without my handset. I emailed c/s 4 days ago and then mailed again 2 days ago and finally got a reply last night, telling me to be patient and it would be 1-2 weeks before i take delivery of my white 16GB handset, An email that consisted of 2 poxy lines, no apologies for the lack of communication of information regarding stock. Yet my son's friends Dad got his WHITE 16GB HANDSET that wasn't ordered till Saturday 16th October got his yesterday. WTF???.

What about all these people who preordered? But he was a new customer so no shock there then that he got his over upgrading preorder customers. Even new preordering customers should take priority over people buying/upgrading after the launch date.

What does first come first serve mean to you VODAFONE????? they don't seem to have grasped the concept. :smileyindifferent:

I didn't order my handset till the launch date (14th October) so i didn't expect to get preference over preorder customers, and did expect to wait till the preordered phones had been sent out. But these poor people that did preorder and still not recieved them  have every right to be p****d off and quite rightly.

I have been with Voda for a few years now and i have never once had to get on this forum and complain, up until this week that is. I think Vodafone have seriously got to get there heads out of their a***s and get some information on the website that is not total lies. The c/s , live chat etc is a complete joke.

I think the mods on here are being left to deal with the fallout of irate customers and it is not fair, i think all customers  have been told more stories than Jackanory by various departments.

The way that they have handled this whole thing is a joke, they have always been up front and the best in the past as network providers but i think after this complete f**k up and general lack of good customer services, they will lose a lot of customers over this. I was offered a slightly better deal on o2 after shopping around before i decided to stay with Vodafone and upgrade. WOW!!!! what a stupid mistake on my

I think we are going round in circles guys and the handsets will come when they come, sadly. The thing is Vodafones management are passing the buck and c/s, live chat, and even the mods on here are left to deal with the fallout. Shame on you Vodafone!!!

But it is quite clear that all the complaining and phone calls by everyone to Vodafone has made no difference what so ever. My opinion on Vodafone at the moment is they suck donkey b***s big time and should have gone with o2, because these days loyalty means nothing and i would have had my handset by now.

VODAFONE the way you have handled the volume of orders, and promising things you cannot deliver is terrible to say the least, you have many many very unhappy customers who you might find you are gonna lose if this is not sorted soon, you must have known how popular this handset was going to be and therefore prepared for sheer volume of handsets ordered. Was talking to a friend the other day (also on Vodafone) said pretty much the same thing happened with the launch of IPhone 4, and said he would never buy a handset so soon after it's launch again, so you would think that you would not make the same mistake again and leave yet again more very irate and very unhappy customers.

SHAME ON YOU VODAFONE!!!!!!! You suck!!!!:smileymad:

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Re: iPhone 4S Deliveries

[ Edited ]

Dear Vodafone,


Thanks for the customer experience I have been left to deal with. I believed Orange had a lot of issues but I have to think again.


I have a contract with Orange that finally, after 18 month, ended on the 17th of October. It looked like a dream... New 12 month contract with a new provider and a great phone just on time... How stupid I was believing it!


I pre ordered my Iphone 4S 16GB Black on Tuesday 11th October at 9.00am, through the website. Since then no communication from Vodafone regarding the process of the order. After few days I decided it was time to get in touch with Vodafone only to being told the order had been accepted, ready for delivery and I should receive the phone in the next few days as soon as the stock would become available at the warehouse. I thought GREAT finally a stupid I was believing it!


The frustration increased and while waiting for a new phone I began to search on the internet and a lot of people were complaining about the same problems. I bumped in your forum where somebody wrote that it would take another 1-2 weeks before getting the stock so no Iphone 4S before the 31st of October. It is not true or it is? I decided to chat again with customer service yeaterday and this time I got told I will have to wait 1 to 2 weeks. Unbelievable!


At the end I asked to cease the contract and guess what the customer service asked me? "Why do you want to cancel the contract?" Guess...unbelievable! 


Thanks Vodafone, thank you very much!


One unhappy customer.

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Re: iPhone 4S Deliveries

This is a transcript of a chat of this morning I would like to share. I have changed the names and numbers so it cannot be identified for personal reasons.


Vodafone: It was a pleasure chatting with you.

Vodafone: Hello, you're chatting with xxx, one of Vodafone's online sales specialists.  May I take your name please?
You: My name is xxx
Vodafone: Hey xxx
Vodafone: how are you?
You: I am good thanks and you?
Vodafone: That's great, I'm fine as well. Thanks.
Vodafone: Welcome to Vodafone, what brings you to our web site today?
You: Would you kindly give me some updates on my order oxxxxxxxxx as I have not received any news since the order and I am getting worried now, please?
Vodafone: Don't worry
Vodafone: may I know when did you place the order?
You: on the 11th around 9.00am
You: in October
Vodafone: Thanks for the information
Vodafone: Let me see if I can find any update
You: I really appreciate it, thanks
Vodafone: :smileyhappy:
Vodafone: Thanks for your patience
You: No worries
Vodafone: You have successfully passed the credit check
You: Great as I haven't received anything saying I did! :-)
Vodafone: Well, you order has passed all the needed requirement, and we will be dispatching the order within this week
Vodafone: You'll receive the email about dispatched time and expected delivery time.
You: are you confident I will get it before the end of this week?
You: I will go to Italy next week and it will be great going there with a new phone to play with!
You: :-)
Vodafone: Wow that's great
Vodafone: We will try our best to delivered it before you leave for Italy,
Vodafone: So that Italy can welcome you with iPhone 4s :smileyhappy:
You: Thanks for your help, have a good day
Vodafone: My pleasure
Vodafone: Is there anything else I can do for you today?
You: No thanks, that's all for now
Vodafone: I appreciate your patience :smileyhappy:
Vodafone: Have  a great day and take care


It seems like we have to wait and we do not know how long for!

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Re: iPhone 4S Deliveries

Currently getting told that delivery will be between 2-4 weeks as all iPhone retailers are unsure when they are getting stock to fulfill existing orders.

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Re: iPhone 4S Deliveries



The fact is that there are no more iPhone 4S to deliver. May it be VF, O2, Orange or 3 or Apple for that matter. It always happens to all retailers - over booking, less supply, break down in logistics, IT Systems misbehaving, all resulting in single scenario - a very angry customer. All part of the game.


BUT. There is indeed a very big BUT. When chips are down, what matters is the Customer Services. How they deal with the customers and how truthful they are in their communication. In my opinion the eForum guys are the best way to get a straight answer and the 191 team the worst. I think the VF Management ought to contract out the whole of CRM to the eForum. Good work Mods. Keep it up though can't say the same about your 191 brethren. :smileywink:

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pay as you go Moderator?

I bought a 32gig white iphone 4s on pay as you go on the 14th for my sisters 30th birthday on saturday 22nd and still waiting now as i dont have a contract you would think they could just deliver it but no they cant even do that:smileysad:


now because i didn't have a contract this iphone cost me £590 quid but i didn't mind paying it because it was guaranteed to be delivered in 2-4 days and here's the best bit i live in Jersey and every shop over here are hoping to get the iphone 4s before christmas so it's not even like i can stroll down the road and pick one up BRILLIANT!!!!


Any advice what to say at the party when everyone gives her a present and then it gets to her brother what am i suppose to say vodafone? i got you this a4 piece of paper with a order reference on.

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Re: pay as you go Moderator?

This is an interesting thread. Vodafone this morning were showing 64GB black as in stock. I spoke via Live support who also confirmed that they were in stock.

On this basis, and with his help, I completed the order. I was advised that shipment could well be today with delivery tomorrow.

It seems that many other have been told the same story but that these facts are not correct

At about lunchtime, I noticed that the stock levels went to limited

What should I expect?
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Re: pay as you go Moderator?

Hi all,

Apparently it's gone from 1-2 weeks to 2-4 weeks?

If so what an absolute joke. My old iPhone went to the nice people at envriophone today because it finally broke :smileysad:

My £10 Samsung from Tesco isn't really doing what I want it to, check emails would be a lovely start, along with Internet access....
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Re: pay as you go Moderator?

They have trouble sending confirmation emails yet they dont have no trouble emailing me my new bill and new bill date!! and my price plan has changed already .. Yet i havnt received my phone yet
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Re: pay as you go Moderator?

Really confused


This morning Vodafone site was showing 64Gb as in Stock

Lunchtime this changed to limited (for black)   White showing OK

Still awaiting confirmation of shipment

Moderator has posted this evening that there has been no chnage in stock levels ( actually In Stock to Limited should probably be classified as a change)

Just spoen to customer services who cant trace my order  - says that it might take 24 hours to show on their system, but confirmed that having spoken to warehouse they do have stock

Many customer appear to be struggling to get their phones


What the heck is going on



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Re: iPhone 4S Deliveries

I ordered on Thursday the 13th aWhite 16GB 4S and have since been told at least three different stories of when to expect my phone.

1) Was told at time of ordering that it would be with me on Saturday the 15th

2)Was told on Surday that it would be delivered on Tuesday the 18th

3)Decided to take a different tactic yesterday and rung local stores as they can do a shop to stock transfer and give you a phone there and then. Was told last night that this could be done and that if I came in they had loads in stock. I even asked if they could set one aside to which is was told there was no point they get deliveries every day and that as mentioned before they had lots in stock. Which of course was not true!!


Three times I have been told something that just is not true. I have had enough its not that I havn't got my phone (which would be nice) but its the fact that no one can give me a straight answer. 


Not impressed!


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Re: iPhone 4S Deliveries

Ordered 4S 16GB Black on the 13th around midday and recieved text with order numer. After that no comunication at all.

I tried to contact cs just to find out how long will I have to wait for the handset.

Finally yesterday they told me that they contacted warehouse and my phone is out of stock. Also as per cs representative I'll have to wait 2-4 weeks to get it.

It was fine with me because a) I ordered it just one day before the launch day b) I'm fine with my BB.

Today morning I got the call from vodafone store saying that my phone is ready to be picked up :smileysurprised:

So.. I got it, delievery note says it was despatched on 14/10 at 19:55.



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Re: iPhone 4S Deliveries

i need that luck
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Re: iPhone 4S Deliveries

sadly its the same with any new handset

bb storm was the same so was the galaxy 2

hopefully you will all get the phones you want
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Re: iPhone 4S Deliveries

...With the Storm, they had a large delay and lots of complaints on the forums at the time I called to upgrade. I was then told they'd only just had a delivery and that not all of them had been allocated (because someone had to go through the consignment and allocate each one or something) and had one of them allocated to me. Others had already been waiting a week or so, I got one delivered 2 days later, before these others who were still waiting... Hopefully their process has changed, but it doesn't seem that way with some of these stories...

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