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Tethering on the iPhone 5

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I read somewhere that tethering is now free on newer contracts, since I figured the iPhone 5 is pretty new, therefore my contract is new also...

How do I activate this? Will I need to ring vodafone? The phone lines have 1 hour waiting times. *sigh*





Okay I figured out how to turn it on, but will I still be charged for tethering??

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Re: Tethering on the iPhone 5

I too would be interested to know if you have to pay for tethering.

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Re: Tethering on the iPhone 5

You wont be charged tethering costs unless your plan doesnt have a data allowance or you exceed that amount :smileyhappy:

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Re: Tethering on the iPhone 5

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I believe it's free On VF


Plus, all the new 'Vodafone Red' tarifs there is definately no charge And larger data allowances.

(This includes FaceTime too as long as you have data left to use)


If you use it a Lot and don't have much data allowance, may pay to check out an additional tethering package that will give you an additional amount of data:

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