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Thank you Vodafone

After the iphone 7 plus jet black pre order problems me and others on here were not very happy customers. Granted Voda could have dealt with the situtaion at the time much better and also could have been much more honest with us (I hope they have learnt something)

Speaking for my self I was probably acting like a big kid over not getting my phone on time although was acting like that mainly because of the many lies/stories customer service was giving me over the phone (once again I hope they have learnt something)


Voda acknowledged the poor service and I feel they dealt with me very fairly in the end.

I do pay alot of money for my yearly contract but feel it is worth it for the top quality network call quality coverage etc. Have been with them a long time and been very happy with the service they offer including there employees.

With all the bad press latley I just wanted to say that I am a very happy customer.

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Re: Thank you Vodafone

Feedback that Vodafone I'm sure appreciate. 


Unfortunately with all iPhone launches demand outweighs supply. In my opinion it's communication then that counts. Keeping the customer in the loop. 


We get caught up in the stress of waiting and vent which is fair enough. 



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Re: Thank you Vodafone

@ThatTimeAgain Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad to see that everything was sorted out for you. 


Enjoy your new phone!Smiley Happy



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