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Proof of usage No IMEI details with Vodafone -Disaster!!

Hello All I am Vodafone Sim only customer, lost my phone recently and requested  a proof of usage, surprisingly Vodafone says they cannot see the IMEI usage while I was using their ESIM on the mobile for a couple of months.  Isn't it a security thing...

Proof of Usage for ESIM showing no IMEI details

Hi I just asked from Vodafone for proof of usage for my ESIM  which I am using from last 6 months but they are giving me only physical sim usage with IMEI which I barely used 1 day while with ESIM they are not showing the IMEI. What should I do it is...

Usaf1995 by 2: Seeker
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Credit file

Hope someone can help please? I've had poor credit for over 5 years and have recently just found out via my credit report that I have 63 missed payments relating to Vodafone that I've never been made aware of, and has never appeared on my account. I'...

kath05 by 2: Seeker
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UK Voicemail, IS THERE A ISSUE ?

I have just tested my own voicemail and my wife's and both are not working.  We just get a message stating "this number is unavailable, please send a text or try later"I tried to report this to Vodafone via the crap online Robot and even that's telli...

152bobby by 4: Newbie
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Robert's Colourstream internet radio blocked

I'm trying to assist my parents in getting the above device working. It worked patchily until recently, and now I just get either Network error or network timeout. I've changed the DNS handed out by vodafone's router to be and, just i...

Advice please - credit file

Hi, I obtained my credit file today and can see an old Vodafone account is still open despite transferring my number to o2 back in 2022. Although nothing adverse has been report it is showing a balance of £2, nothing has been reported since July 2023...

Mobile data not working while in Ireland

I live in Northern Ireland (part of the UK) on the border with the Republic of Ireland. When I cross over the border the network provider will switch to vodafone Ireland. I can make and receive phone calls but the data connection doesn't appear to wo...

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We had a technical issue affecting mobile voice calls earlier today, our recovery plan is fully in place and usual service has been restored. We will be monitoring the situation closely.


Mobile Voice Calls

We are aware that some customers are experiencing issues making mobile voice calls. Our team continues to work on fixing the problem, which stems from a technical fault in our network. We're sorry for...


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Intermittent Network Issues Resolved

Good afternoon, We can confirm that the network issue experienced by some customers this morning has been fixed and normal service has resumed. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.