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Landline VOIP over FTTC teething problems

My elderly parents have recently started a Fibre 2 broadband and landline contract with Vodafone. Their broadband is supplied via FTTC and the internet cable for the router emerges from a NTE5C Master Socket and connects to their Vox 3.0 router. Just...

kj-mil71 by 3: Seeker
  • 21 replies
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Can't connect to WiFi booster

Hi, I've  just switched over to Vodafone broadband and all works OK  BUT  I've paired the booster, netgear N300, to the router but when I try to connect a device to the booster  ,EXT network , its keeps saying i've entered the wrong password. I'm not...

DJ08 by 2: Seeker
  • 13 replies
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Error 403 on Vodafone website: cannot register

There appears to be no access to the website.I am trying to register my vodafone mobile account using the website.URL: https://www.vodafone.co.uk/webcenter/portal/myvodafone/registerI would like to preclude the 'usual' answers I have seen for this fi...

niko06 by 2: Seeker
  • 3 replies
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My company website is blocked to Vodafone users

My company website www.maggies.org offers cancer support and practical information to people with cancer, their family and friends. Vodafone classifies it as age-restricted content and is auto-blocked to all users on Vodafone. Please can the classifi...

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