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Non-compliant use of Vodafone gigabytes

I would like to point out that at home the Wi-Fi is far from my room and has poor reception, so I only use 5G on my mobile phone. I have a Vodafone plan with 160GB, it was renewed 1 week ago and I still have 140GB but since in the last 30 days in tot...

snott by 1: Seeker
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ipv6 settings

Hi just been upgraded to full fiber via openreach and vodafone has enabled ipv6 on my connection i am using my own router to connect but am struggling to put the settings in for ipv6 and vodafone isnt helpful i have read they have implimented dual st...

Ian442001 by 3: Seeker
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Credit Check Issues

Just tried signing up for a broadband service via Chat (keeping my existing provider however having an additional line with Vodafone) - No issues doing this so I selected the service.ID checks all went through however after the credit check I could o...

False positive

Hi, please review and unblock themacsfarm.co.uk. This is had been compromised but site completely rebuilt, removed as many as possible from virus total, 3 remaining who are not being responsive but all the others checked and removed from their lists....

cloudhal by 2: Seeker
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Vodafone Points scam?

Today I received a text message claiming that my Vodafone points would expire in three days. I clicked on the link they gave me: https://vodafone.coruks.buzz/searchand it had options such as an air fryer and earbuds. It was a bit suspicious, so I tho...


Is there a leak ?

This morning spoke to customer support in India (I believe) and mentioned that I’m partially deaf - this afternoon I get spam calls from number known for trying to sell hearing aids - I don’t use my Vodafone number for anything online (I have a diffe...

4G no internet, no service and constantly on E since 3G shutdown

Ever since the 3G shutdown, I have been getting 4G no internet in most places that never before, even if I have full bars 4G or even 5G, it just doesn’t work at all! Vodafone customer service don’t care in the slightest as it’s “good” on their end, a...

Rxbski by 3: Seeker
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