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New contract?!

I have no idea where to start. I called Vodafone back in March seeking a cheaper deal and happy to downgrade the services. The agent I spoke to advised this is not possible. I then spoke to a manager who offered me the same plan at a reduced rate and...

Tankas12 by 2: Seeker
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Vodafone "automatic compensation" for Home/Broadband

City Fibre was a week late to setup Broadband on behalf of Vodafone down where we live.It happens, nothing dramatic, but still, delays and absence of service are falling under Vodafone's scheme of compensation.Appropriate billing discount usually app...

Zaf00 by 2: Seeker
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Goodle 8A Pixel

I have upgraded to a Google 8A Pixel, it arrived without a charging adapter, as apparently they dont seem to come with an adaptor. So I purchased an adapter from Amazon which says its "fast charging" adapter. However, when I use it its fairly slow. T...

aqeeluk by 4: Newbie
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Poor signal since 3g switch off

Any one else got poor service/signal since 3g switch off? Think vodafone 3g switch off is a step backwards. My s22 ultra is always warm from always searching for signal since 3g switch off! Before I could get a steady 8mbps now I'm either getting not...

Sim doesn't seem to work in dumb phones?

HiI recently switched from O2 to Vodafone. I have a Sonim Xp5700, which worked fine with O2 but with Vodafone the reception is flakey, when people call me it either tells them my phone is switched off or they can't hear me when I answer. If they can ...

nikafia by 2: Seeker
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Resolved! Vodafone Essentials Which broadband router

Hi everyone, newbie here.please could someone advise which broadband router is provided on the Essentials 77mbs package.Just looking at registering, but wanted to check which router is currently offered.Thank you all in advance

Debsy999 by 3: Seeker
  • 18 replies
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Two entries for one laptop in Vodafone app

I set up my new Dell laptop and then checked the Vodafone app. There are two entries: laptop and laptop-2. The first is designated as dell, the second as device. They have different Mac addresses. I did install McAfee VPN on the laptop, not sure if t...

ipv6 settings

Hi just been upgraded to full fiber via openreach and vodafone has enabled ipv6 on my connection i am using my own router to connect but am struggling to put the settings in for ipv6 and vodafone isnt helpful i have read they have implimented dual st...

Ian442001 by 3: Seeker
  • 46 replies
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BB Upgrade Offers

Have just received a BB upgrade offer, currently on 200/28 nominal (DL/UL) package with digital phone @ £30 per month, being offered the "500 Mbps" BB package for additional £2 pm or "910 Mbps" BB package for additional £5 pm, both obviously on a 24 ...

tiffy by 4: Newbie
  • 20 replies
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