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Broadband cancellation, welcome voucher

I've been going through the rigmarole of trying to have a dropout issue resolved, to no avail, and so I'm preparing to cancel my 24 month broadband contract- despite the fees incurred(!)My query is about the £110 voucher received as a welcome bonus w...

Fhwill by 2: Seeker
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3x more data not applied

Good evening. I recently joined Vodafone as a new customer about 2 weeks  ago and have just ported my number over. Everything is going OK at the moment accept I never got the 3x more data that was advertised on the  Vodafone website. I've tried texti...

Kevin65 by 2: Seeker
  • 3 replies
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Quidco cash back issue

I ordered Vodafone broadband Fibre 100 through Quidco last week during Black Friday. After 3 days It didn’t show any tracking on Quidco. I raised a claim. But I had a really bad experience with it before, I was buying a TV from Currys through Quidco,...

QQQ by 1: Seeker
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FTTP 900 speed and connection issue.

Hey all.If anyone has advice I'd appreciate it. 7 plus hours of calls to VF. Online chats. Escalations. Tier 2. Specialist teams. None the wiser.I started with pure fibre 100. Had 100 minimum up and down consistently. No issues 200. The same. 500. Pe...

Craig_47 by 2: Seeker
  • 11 replies
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Slow FTTP 910 speeds are dreaful

I am posting on here as I have already reached out to support and found the support shocking.I have been with Vodafone for around 7 months having initially joined with the 500mbps package. As my requirements have now changed as I wanted to run essent...

adantona by 2: Seeker
  • 3 replies
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Cancellation Process Is Outdated

Made this account basically to just explain what a complete nightmare cancelling an upgrade has been.I cannot get into my local store but I ordered the upgraded phone to the store for my son to pick up (which he has done without issue before for my l...

JW707 by 2: Seeker
  • 1 replies
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3rd Party Router on full fibre 900

Hi everyone.I feel like I am going insane trying to get my Asus DSL-AX82U router working as a replacement to the vodafone hub. I've scoured these boards and even amazon comments to try and get it working. FTTP/H by openreach. Password and email to th...

aliyua by 2: Seeker
  • 7 replies
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