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Full Fibre Installation Problems

I am receiving emails urging me to uprade from FTTC to FULL FIBRE. We are told it’s a simple process just routing the fibre cable through existing ducts. For neighbours, after waiting a month, they came and had to dig up the pavement and left without...

net_chap by 4: Newbie
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WiFi router

I’m waiting to have a new broadband line put in with city fibre and Vodafone and the connection speed will be 500Mbpsthe router has arrived but the config does not show options for both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz as per my old Virgin hub.does anybody know if th...

Leshull1 by 2: Seeker
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My site is being blocked by securenet

Hello,I am the owner ofbespoke-space.com, i made handmade rings and pens for clients and have been for 5 years. Several clients, including myself are experiencing securenet issues, unable to access the website/orders/accounts and tracking with warnin...


Broadband renewal

Hi,I've been with Vodafone on Full Fibre 900 since November 2022 and have been pretty happy with the service.Recently I've received an email saying that I'm eligible to renew my broadband on a 24 month term. The price quoted is pretty much what I'm p...

4G mobile internet mobile hotspot R228t

For the last several months the 4G mobile internet has been really slow, which has coincided with Vodafone turning off 3G also ?I have been using the service for about 1 year and initially the service and  speeds were fine given my rural location whi...

Amergin by 2: Seeker
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Landline phone with own router on FTTP

Just got FTTP and everything is working fine off the VF router. Phone lines are plugged into the VF router, VF router's WiFi is switched off. 3rd party Mesh has been switched to Bridge mode and plugged into the VF's ethernet port.However I am shocked...

Shocking signal since dropping 3G

Since Vodafone have dropped 3G the signal in my area has been shocking to say the least. Previously Vodafone stood out among all the providers in my area but now it’s hopeless. In trying to run a business and working alone in remote areas it has beco...

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Mobile Voice Calls

We had a technical issue affecting mobile voice calls earlier today, our recovery plan is fully in place and usual service has been restored. We will be monitoring the situation closely.


Mobile Voice Calls

We are aware that some customers are experiencing issues making mobile voice calls. Our team continues to work on fixing the problem, which stems from a technical fault in our network. We're sorry for...


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