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A5 Wifi Calling missing option

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4: Newbie

Hi . Have you managed to activate yours. 

Mine is finally working after a month of calling and emailing tech support

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2: Seeker
Yes, I did get mine working. Thanks
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2: Seeker

Finally got the option enabled on the phone through the Social Media Vodafone rep talking to tech support, why it was so hard I cannot comprehend.

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1: Seeker

Hi, I am curious to know how others were finally able to get this resolved. I upgraded recently to the Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) directly with Vodafone on a Red plan and do not have the wi-fi calling option in any of my menus. After several on-line chats and a trip to a Vodafone store, I have received confirmation that wi-fi calling is enabled on my account but no-one has been able to assist me in resolving the issue. I visited a Samsung store and was informed that it is a problem with the latest Vodafone updates not being compatible with the latest OS (the phone arrived with Android 6.0.1 installed), is this the case and if so how long do I need to wait for a fix to get wi-fi calling? This is incredibly fustrating as I have poor Vodafone signal at home and only stayed with Vodafone because they assumed me my upgraded device would support wi-fi calling. Thanks

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4: Newbie

You need to activate correct APN settings.

Settings - Connections - Mobile Networks  - Access Points Names - ADD

Name - Contract WAP


Proxy - not set

Port - Not set

Username - wap

Password - wap

Server -


MMS Proxy -

MMS Port - 8799

MCC - 234

MNC - 15

Authentication Type  - PAP

APN - default

APN protocol - IPv4

APN roaming protocol- IPv4

Leave the remaining 4 settings as they are. Then press 3 dots and save the added APN

Then select the added APN and restart the phone. WI FI calling will appear once new APN embeds and gets registered. I did this on my phone after Factory Reset and Wi Fi calling option appeared afer about 40 minutes and when I go into APN settings the added APN is appearing as embedded thus if you click on it,  you can not change the settings apart from deleting it completely. Hope this helps

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1: Seeker

I bought my phone from Carphone Warehouse and was told by VF tech support that mean't WiFi calling was impossible. But it wasn't.  The option is a bit buried in the phone settings menu but it was there and it works well !

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2: Seeker

Hi David,

How did you do it please? I'm in the same position - bought from Carphone Warehouse and told by Vodafone support they can't do it.


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