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Android 11

1: Seeker


Does anyone, please have an idea of when Vodafone will send out Android 11 to non Google devices?!

I keep checking and in spite of them saying they are rolling out 11 to my device, an S10 5G there is no sign of it happening, despite it being stable for a while now?!

Many thanks!!!

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17: Community Champion

Hi @subevenis 


Android 11 was released September 2020 and you should have already received the update.  Android 12 was released October 2021 and it should be sent to your phone soon, just keep checking on your phone.


Please also see here: Firmware Explained 

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17: Community Champion



Try Samsung Smartswitch to see if it's available that way.

There are other options to get the firmware which can be learned about via and website too.

Just be careful that you read all the relevant information.

If your phone is unlocked to all networks then sometimes inserting another networks active sim card can instigate an update too.


Current Phone  >

Samsung Galaxy s²² Ultra 256gb Phantom Black.



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