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Bluetooth paired but won't connect .

2: Seeker

Sony xperia phone will no longer connect to LG stereo.

Phone will connect to Hive speaker and has connected to LG Stereo previously. Both newly purchased. 


Phone is able to find stereo and it is in the list of devices and comes up when forgotten and refreshed, however, I can't get it to connect anymore. Sometimes it flashes that it is connecting but never actually does, I have tested it by attempting to play music. 


Other devices can connect to the stereo no problem including other Sony xperia phone.

My phone will connect to other devices no problem such as other speaker, fire stick, TV etc.


Iv thought of doing a network reset.


Any advice?? 

17: Community Champion

I can't see doing a Factory reset will help as the phone is ok with connecting to other devices @Helza

This looks to be a possible compatibility problem. 

If clearing the pairing and then clearing any cache and cookies in the app and re set it back up does not help then I would suggest seeing if your phone has an option to clear the phones system files which wont delete your own info. 

Samsung phones have this facility but I've not tested to see if this available on your phone.

Google for other forums for the device your having issues pairing to in order to see if other are having issues and have found workarounds. 

Current Phone > Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G - SM9860 Snapdragon.

Samsung One Ui 2.5  / Android 10.

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17: Community Champion

I sometimes have this issue in my car after I've connected to something else.   In the past, I've simply restarted the phone to clear it but, last time, even that didn't work and scrolling tracks using the car's control got it working.   If your speaker has a forward/back control, you could try that if restarting the phone doesn't work.

The whole thing, especially last time, is bizarre and I don't really know why either fix has worked.

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