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Call and text screen freeze with vodafone logo

1: Seeker

I have the most odd problem. Whenever I try to go into my call log or messages log, I get the big red screen with the white Vodafone logo, and it freezes. That's as far as it gets. I can't 'back' out of it, I can only press home, and I can shut the app down with the recently used apps button. I can phone out, if I get the number from my contacts book, and I can receive calls so long as I catch them when they come in. I am not receiving texts (I sat next to my son as he tried sending me texts, nothing comes in), and if I try to send one by pressing the message button from within a contact page, nothing happens. WhatsApp and other Internet programs all work fine. Now I think of it, the last message I remember receiving was an MMS allegedly from Vodafone so that could be something to do with it.


I've tried rebooting the phone, but that didn't work. I'm looking at having to do a factory reset next :-(. Anyone come across this one before? 

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17: Community Champion

Are you able to try your sim card in another phone as a process of elimination to rule out the sim card or Vodafone Account.


Try another phone app or if your already using a 3rd party one then try the stock app.


A MMS is just a long text or one with pictures or emoticons on that are sent via data.

This shouldn't affect you.


Also if your phone allows it put it into Safe Mode which disables the downloaded apps etc and then leaves the stock ones working which can help to diagnose if it's a rogue app.


If all your phones software and apps are up to date then I would certainly support a factory reset after you've backed up your information.

Please remove any Sd card if relevant.


If it continues then a Vodafone Highstreet Store can take a look and if deemed necessary send it off to be diagnosed.

Vodafone offer a 24 month manufacturing warranty.

The actual manufacturer of the device could take a look too if you wish @ecl6nc

Current Phone > Samsung Note 9 _512Gb > Model: SM-N960 Hybrid-Duos.

Samsung One Ui  / Pie.


Samsung Gear s3 Frontier Watch.

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17: Community Champion

If you go into the main Settings menu and then to Apps, you should be able to find the one for the Phone (on some devices, you may need to change the listing to All).   Open that and then tap on Clear Data.   You may lose your previous logs, but that should be all and it may fix the problem.   I'd be inclined to back up your contacts first, just as a precaution, if they're not sync'd with Google.

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1: Seeker

Hi guys


Thanks for your help and comments. It's just taken me a while to try things out, but in the end I downloaded another texting app (Textra) and made that the default messaging app. Texts are coming through, so I think my messaging app had become corrupt for some reason and stopped working. I haven't got back to any texts since it stopped working because as far as the network is concerned they were received by the phone, but I am able to send and receive texts sent from now, and it's picked up the logs of texts from before the messaging app crashed.


Again, appreciation for your help.

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