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Cannot send emails on Samsung A5 but can receive and make calls

1: Seeker


      I've had my Samsung A5 for around 2.5 years and no probs but now for some reason, I cannot send emails anymore. They go into the Outbox and come up with a Failed to send. Im using Gmail and SKY router. Everything else is ok!

I haven't reset anything so I don't know what has happened?? Can anyone assist??

If you can, then thanks in advance



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17: Community Champion

I've encountered similar instances in the past which is usually a glitch that self resolves. 

I think its the email server that occasionally plays up and not necessarily the phone sometimes. 

Can you switch from WiFi to Mobile Data and try to send an email.

If you log into gmail using a laptop / computer or tablet can you use your email Ok ?

What I've done is delete the email account in my phone's settings and reset it back up which usually works for me. 

Current Phone  >

Samsung Galaxy s²² Ultra 256gb Phantom Black.



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17: Community Champion

Are you using the dedicated Gmail app or the stock offline client?   The Gmail app sets itself up but, for the offline client, you need to get the connection details correct.   That'll be the SMTP server and the security details.  The server for Gmail is   Security type is sometimes a matter of trying all the options until it works (SLS/TLS or "none" are the most usual ones).

Personally, I use the dedicated app as it's simplest and you can manage messages easily as well.

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