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Home Page on Google Chrome - Huawei Media Pad

16: Advanced member

I have just bought a Huawei MediaPad T5 and am using Google Chrome as my browser but can't seem to be able add the homepage "house" icon to the bar at the top.

The instructions from Google to add the homepage is to hit the three dots at the top right, go into settings and halfway down the menu under "notifications" there is a "Homepage" option which you click on and then you can switch homepage on and choose the site you want to use on the homepage.

Thats how is works on my Huawei P20 but on the tablet the "homepage" option is missing from the menu. Any ideas? I'm assuming it's a Chrome issue not a hardware problem?

Huawei P20 EML-L09,

Android Version - 9.0.0

Last Update 28.1.19 


Baseband- 21C20B369S007C000
Nova Launcher. Chrome browser.

My phone history (back to 1997!):

Huawei P20, VF Smart V8, Note 4, S4, S2, Tocco Ultra, F490, P300, E250, RAZR v3, Timeport 250, A300, Star-Tac 


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@SimonWilding I've tried to find some more information on this for you and got as far as the instructions provided by Google too. I'd assume it's a Chrome issue myself, although I think it may be best if you contact both Huawei and Google directly, to see if there may be any more information they can give. 

I'm really sorry I couldn't be of further help. Hopefully one of our forum users has come across this and will have an answer for you 😊🤞 

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