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Home Screen disappears

3: Seeker


I have a Vodafone Smart prime 6 - yes i know it is a few years old.

I have had this problem for a long time, but finally getting around to hopefully sorting the problem.

After being on say Facebook or Google, I press the middle button at the bottom to return to my 'Home Page' wit hincreasing regularity i am given a blank screen i.e. no icons/shortcuts.

The only way around it is to re-start the phone, very annoying.

The phone as the latest updates

Any solution to this problem - as I say I have put up with it for a long time, it is just increasing the amount of times it happens.

Thank you



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17: Community Champion

That sounds like a resource issue.   I have it sometimes on an older device too, but it reappears after a few seconds.

Try clearing recent apps, and you can also go into Settings and Storage and then Clear Cache (tap on Phone/Internal Storage).   If that clears the problem, just do it again whevever necessary.

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