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Huawei: Why am I now paying for an obsolete device?

3: Seeker

Following recent news, we have learnt old devices will still currently support app updates through Google's Play Store. However, Huawei devices won't be getting the next (Android Q) or any future OS upgrades.


In addition, most phone manufacturers are given details of security risks and software issues at least a month in advance. Allowing companies time to run tests and make sure there are no issues with their devices. As such, Huawei will now only receive the information the same day the public are informed of the vulnerabilities; meaning your device could possibly go weeks or months without the patch until Huawei has time to do their tests.


I am a P20 Pro user and my handset is less than 12months old (and part of 24 month contract). Not only is it frustrating knowing that my device will no longer be able to download any newer version of android, but the lack of up to date security is a major concern.


I did not opt to pay over £1200 (over the period of my 24mo contract) for a device and service, for a handset that is prematurely at its peak, and open to possible security risks and software flaws in the future... less than half way through the life of its contract.


I implor Vodafone to offer their existing customers options to upgrade their handsets/contracts early, without additional charges.

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17: Community Champion

I'm not a Huawei phone user but like some others I've been following the initial media attention when Huawei were linked to spying etc and arrests within the company to this new media news in regards to what Google have done etc.


I think we are still in the early stages and as such I'm sure all the major uk networks will be collating this info as we speak to determine what they intend to do about this i.e. where there responsibility lies and the vulnerabilities these phones may encounter.





Current Phone > Samsung Note 10+ 5G _256Gb > Model: SM-N976B.

Samsung One Ui  / Pie.


Samsung Gear s3 Frontier Watch.

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2: Seeker

I completely agree with you

Im using the mate 20 lite and its still currently on android 8.1 and it's supposed to be receiving android 9 next month, whether its now gonna receive it now or not I don't know 


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2: Seeker

On a P20 24 month contract (around 12 months left).

Have grave concerns over Security of handset now that Android/Google have withdrawn Certification from Huawei.

Future concerns are that Huawei will not receive Android patches/updates in advance in order to configure for current devices so devices will be left vulnerable for a period of time. This I consider to be an untenable situation yet, after long conversation with Vodafone, they maintain Security is not at risk on current devices.

I always keep my settings/permissions/etc very tight as it is vital for me (particularly due to having a mental health disorder) that my device does only that which I consent.

For the past week my phone has (without asking first - despite my having settings appropriately enabled/ticked) doing flash Downloads of Images/jpgs which I have not authorised - I have been given no facility to authorise them... multiple downloads happen in a flash to the extent that yesterday my phone froze/unable to unlock with a screen showing a bar of download of images underway. Last night I was awoken five times (phone on vibrate) to these downloads happening - no notification, no facility to view items (and consent to their download) in advance - they just flash download many at a time. This has never happened before (until the past week).

On Sunday, I discovered under Drive Settings an Information (O containing an i) reading "3 categories deleted". This was not there before. Further investigation led me to find that under Drive->Settings->Notifications 'Syncing updates to files' + 'Show badge' keeps toggling OFF. When going to 'Notification category: Syncing updates to files Drive', and trying to toggle back on, one of two things happens:

1/ "[another Information O with an i] Android is blocking this category of notifications from appearing on this device".


2/ when I try to toggle back on "[triangle with an !] Sorry! Drive has stopped unexpectedly. Report this issue to help us determine what went wrong".

I spoke with two Vodafone reps on Sunday over the seeming fact that Android have deleted 3 categories of support/protection/control&consent from current Huawei handsets re: Drive. I have been unable to establish what 2/3 are but 1 is definitely control&consent over 'Syncing updates to files' and, it appears that, no matter the extent to which an Huawei device user has enabled ALL aspects of security and advanced "ask" control&consent on downloads and sync some supports have been withdrawn/are no longer available for Huawei from Android.

I offered Vodafone screenshots of all of the above but they did not seem interested; merely stating that they did not deem this a Security problem.

For me, the loss of 'ask first' and my right to consent when, what, where, etc downloads happen or are stored within my device is a Security issue.

These *unwanted* download and syncs (multiple and many - to the extent of freezing my phone and awakening me during the night) are a problem.

Has anyone else yet to experience this?

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