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Ifitness Scam

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This is a scam and to keep telling people to be responsible for something outside their control is just plain stupid.


Get a grip - we know what is real, useful and worth paying for.


I am now typing STOP to you.


[MOD EDIT: This post has been edited to remove inappropriate content please see Community Guidelines]

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2: Seeker

Same here but 12.00 per month taken and I cannot even get on the internet and no i phone to use! Fed up with people who scam off others.  Vodafone tried to help but they cannot do anything about it we have to contact the ifitness or payplus first to sort it out and try and get refund. 

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2: Seeker

I was advised to phone payplus with the information, phone them and they cannot help get a refund and I do not have the contact details of ifitness so looks like I will lose 39.00 for 3 months charges now.  I contacted a phone number for i fitness I found on a community and it rings and cuts me off.  Great help from Vodafone as the facts were not correct as to where I go to get refunded. 


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2: Seeker

Thats exactly how I feel   Even feel I will never take a contact out again. I am now losing 39.00 as there is no way I can get any help.  Vodafone tried, but gatve me payplus number and as I do not know how to get hold of i fitness its useless as they just cut you off if havent done that first.  I found an ifitness contact and when I phone it just cuts the call so thanks Vodafone for leaving me out of pocket and with fear that this will continue. Only way will be to end the service with vodafone it seems.   See what happens on next bill but certainly moving as soon as contract ends as never had this with Tesco or EE. 

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2: Seeker

I spoke to the PS Authority who know about Ifitness.


They told me to email support at pmconnect and ask them how they got hold of my mobile number.


Tell them that they must provide this information in 3-5 working days.


I have then been told to get back in touch with the PD Authority on 0300 303 0020 and register a complaint.


I will be trying PM connect directly as some on this thread have had luck in getting at least £30 back. We will see.

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2: Seeker

Rang 03333217014 - you have to make sure you speak to someone. They will tell you how they got your number.

They got mine because I apparently interacted with one of their online adverts?

I supposedly got 24hrs free then a text saying I would be charged from now on.

The guy at PM Connect is going to send me a cheque for £30 - apparently this is some limit that ifitness have put on!!

I complained about this being a scam - the guy seemed unperturbed - so when I pushed him he also registered a complaint from me.


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17: Community Champion

After you've taken into account speculative downloads of broadly legitimate apps, interaction with pop-ups and inadvertent sign-ups, there are a few cases of charges coming through for no clear reason.   Some of these would appear to be scams - charge points adding random numbers in much the same way that those PPI texts get sent out.   Others may be people signing others up maliciously, or simply mistyping their own number on a genuine sign-up.

Payment by premium rate SMS is, in theory, a good system, but it's massively abused and there's a definite question mark over whether it's really necessary now.   In the days before smartphones and good data connections, it was a reliable and convenient way of paying for things like parking.  It still is, of course, if you don't have a smartphone or only a very basic signal (2G won't hack it for most data work these days).

A responsible service will cancel on request and should also refund at least some charges.  Scams, of course, won't, but can be closed down by the relevant authority.  They also rely on the fact that most people don't check their bills any more than they check their bank statements.   In some cases, the network may be able to block them on your phone.

Whatever the reason, it's important to understand that the network is only the middleman in this and is passing on a charge that's been raised on a legitimate system.   There are, however, bars you can put in place yourself and it's worth investigating them.

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2: Seeker      Contact these and you can check if your number is registered and cancel it

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3: Seeker

How very strange.

When i first found out about this scam i contacted the Vodaphone team and got fobbed off by a very anti advisor who told me it was not Vodaphones problem and they could do nothing about blocking the payments and i needed to contact the PhonePayPlus people to report this problem. The advisor was very aggresive in his tone and i did ask him if i was phoning him at work or down the pub after a few pints.

Anyway long story short, i tried to sort this on line  and was faced by non existant pages etc etc.

So decided to phone Vodaphone back.

Got a much nicer advisor who said he would sort the problem straight away and could i hold the line while he spoke to the customer team........he came back telling me the payment had now been stopped and he was putting me through to the customer team to sort this out.........Imagine my suprise when the next person i spoke to was the Ifitness customer team, explaining how this payment had been set up. I explained i had received no messages or emails and no meal plans and fitness plans as the £3 weekly payment i supposed to provide.

How can one Vodaphone rep say its nothing to do with them, yet the next ones got a hot line directly to Ifitness.

It seems that Vodaphone know more than they are admitting to. My subscription is now stopped apparently and i have got a 28 day wait for a £30 refund (the maximum they set this 10 week cut off i dont know, maybe it takes customers an average of 10 weeks to discover the scam)

I want a reply from a Vodaphone team member to this post and want my recorded conversations to be investigated and the first Customer advisor taken to task. I will also be seeking the rest of my payments refunded from Vodaphone as clearly they know about this scam.

Lets see if i get a responce folks.


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@CLYDE68 As we'll need to access your account to investigate into this further, please contact us using the link in private message I've sent. 

A member of the team will then be in touch. 

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