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Is it just me or do new Android 12 location permissions seem useless? Needs more time to integrate?

2: Seeker

So I've updated my pixel phone to Android 12 and if you try to give apps only the approximate location they will often still prompt you to give them location permissions.

Also Bluetooth still seems to require location services, which I guess needs to be changed in the app code itself. Will the developers adapt their apps? Do they care?

It's nice that android adds these new privacy features for the location services but it really seems pointless if the apps still require you to share your precise location and still require location for connecting Bluetooth devices.




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17: Community Champion

It all depends on the developer.   Some apps are only updated when they stop working with a particular Android version (and sometimes not even then).   It also takes time after a new OS version has been released, so hang on.   Generally, the more mainstream an app is, the quicker it'll be updated, but all you can do is contact the developer and ask.

One thing you can do (I think this came in with Android 10) is limit apps to only getting location when they're being used.  That way, they can't track you all the time.

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