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Little scratches on S8 screen

2: Seeker

I got my upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S8 in early December 2017. By the new year i noticed a few tiny scratches on the screen. I got a screen cover but that has now fallen off. Since then a few more have appeared. I always check my pockets etc to make sure there is nothing else in there. Does anyone else have this issue. The scratches are all about 2 3rds up the screen. I thought Samsung had toughened glass on their phones.


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4: Newbie

Hey Winnieblade!


Hope you are well!


I hope you dont mind me getting too scientific on this, but the Samsung Galaxy S8 has Corning Gorilla Glass 5, this will typically withstand a level 5 pick on the Mohs scale of hardness, then starts to scratch at a level 6.


So, if you check this link:


Check the table for anything from a level 6 onwards, this could be a contributing factor to your scratched screen.


What you might notice is that their is a lot of materials used in jewellry from a level 6 onwards - could it possibly be this?


There are many different methods of removing surface scratches on phone glass when you search it on google - however I wouldn't specifically recommend any as I've not tried them myself.


Hope this helps! :Thumbs_Up:

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Winnieblade


What your possibly seeing is the marks in the olephobic coating applied to prevent fingerprints. 

This is wear and tear. 

I personally apply a Samsung official film type screen protector on my s8 and a dbrand Black Dragon Back Skin to stop.scratches there too. 

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Samsung Galaxy s²² Ultra 256gb.


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Samsung Z Fold³ 256gb.

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